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The Osceola Chieftain girls track and field team does not have a lot of depth. There is a significant amount of talent on their roster of 28 but with the thin numbers everyone has to be at their best to succeed in the most important meets of the season. Osceola was clicking on all cylinders …



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When it comes to bees, what’s all the buzz about? Since there are fewer bees around, that means I won’t get stung- right? Wrong. Fewer bees mean fewer pollinators. Fewer pollinators mean our food source could be in jeopardy. We often hear about the Eco Chain and how important it is to surviv…

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I missed the Wisconsin Fishing Season opener watching my son play in a baseball tournament in St. Cloud the same day. But local fishing guide Ben Elfelt ( was out looking for walleyes and crappies with his buddy Tom Tauzell and found fish but it wasn’t easy. If you …